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⌜Jonah Edwards⌝ @jedwards

Personal objections to the proliferation of random top-level domains aside, I think the absence of a way to programmatically acquire a canonical nameserver for a given TLD is pretty absurd (tonight's fun: parsing the replies of the IANA whois server)

Via @snarkout and @mus, oulipo.social, a social graph with an obstruction.


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A thought occurred to me that 2017 has been the year that people are going back to the spirit of what the Web was always meant to be. In the field of development, people are using site generators/version control to deploy static sites. Decentralized platforms such as this are returning us to more open communities before commerce took over everything. Brutalist design is shrugging off sparse, perfect design for experimental ideas that we were doing during the 90s. It's really fun to see this! 🌅🎇