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Rusty @rustyk5

@xor @jef @Lyall_Morrison yeah it can only bump you up like 1500-2000 over your memory. If you need more you just have to get more memory

@joshmillard @danhon I think that's probably fine! I've been reading but not participating today. It is noticeably emptier

@joshmillard @danhon hello friends, how's your twitter boycott day going?

@kingkool68 @brownpau you can follow folks from there, and people you follow will appear in your Home feed here, and people they follow or interact with will appear in our server's Federated feed. The thing you can't do from here is see's "Local" feed, that's always local to whatever server you're actually on. If you want to see that, you have to log into your account over there.

@kingkool68 @brownpau nah you don't have to sign up anywhere else -- you're @kingkool68 everywhere automatically. Think of it like email: if you have a gmail account, you don't have to sign up on yahoo to email someone at yahoo.

@kingkool68 @brownpau you can't merge accounts BUT due to the magic of federation you can talk to anyone anywhere from either account!

My twitter is nothing but today

@ticoombs it was in there! It didn't work

@catalina until my next "oops the server got screwed up" toot...

Oops! My SSL certificate renewed but nginx didn't restart, so the expired one was still being served. All good now, sorry.

Uh... oops! is back up. I am not sure what happened, the server was unresponsive.

Oh hey! I tooted something and now my home column is filled up again. I guess we're updated!

Well I upgraded to 1.5.1, and now when i open it the posting panel shows me a 500 error... I wonder if it worked.

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@catalina me neither! I wonder if it's still up

I thought our Let's Encrypt cert would automatically renew but it turns out I had some config screwed up and it did not! My bad, sorry anyone who found a menacing privacy warning on today, all is well now (and it *should* auto-renew now...)

I did a great run today! The last 2 mi were hard and slower than I wanted but dang it was a gorgeous day to run around Casco Bay

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It was 91 degree and there was an air quality alert. I should not have tried. The less said about the results, the better.